May 18, 2022
Pokémon GO: Best Team to Use For Ultra League (Interlude Season)
The best Pokémon combatants in Pokémon GO for the Ultra League in the Interlude Season are those that reach optimal power before 2,500 CP.

From May 10 to May 17, Ultra League is one of the two PvP modes in Pokémon GO featured in GO Battle League’s Interlude Season for 2022. As the grounds for mid to high-tier competition, Ultra League is where XL Candy becomes essential, and Trainers begin to battle with Legendary Pokémon. While there’s no penalty for losing in the Ultra League or any other leagues, players aiming to get the most out of their Battle Passes in Pokémon GO and receive the most rewards will naturally value victory more than defeat.

Thus, to achieve victory in Pokémon GO‘s current Interlude Season for Ultra League, Trainers will need to dispatch the most optimal teams in PvP battles. However, before forming a team, players must take into account the primary characteristic of Ultra League, which is allowing only combatants of 2,500 CP or lower into the arena. Accordingly, Trainers will need to assemble a team of fighters capable of reaching their maximum potential before attaining 2,500 CP.

Of course, it is impossible to know what comps are the “best Ultra League teams,” given the random-matchup nature of Pokémon GO‘s PvP. However, there is a handful of Pokémon that Trainers can utilize to take advantage of the league’s 2,500 CP restriction and maximize their party’s results in combat with the most suitable combatants in Pokémon GO.

Best Team For Ultra League Interlude Season in Pokémon GO

Below are the best Pokémon to use in teams for competing in the Ultra League of this Interlude Season in Pokémon GO. Keep in mind that diversity will generally take precedence when picking which three Pokémon to place into a party. In other words, having a diverse range of elemental Movesets to work with will grant Trainers high versatility to outplay their opponents in battle.

  • Venusaur: Fast Move: Vine Whip | Charge Move: Frenzy Plant/Sludge Bomb
  • Snorlax: Fast Move: Lick | Charge Move: Body Slam/Earthquake
  • Regirock: Fast Move: Lock On | Charge Move: Stone Edge/Focus Blast
  • Cresselia: Fast Move: Psycho Cut | Charge Move: Moonblast/Grass Knot
  • Trevenant: Fast Move: Shadow Claw | Charge Move: Shadow Ball/Seed Bomb
  • Swampert: Fast Move: Mud Shot | Charge Move: Hydro Cannon/Earthquake
  • Talonflame: Fast Move: Incinerate | Charge Move: Brave Bird/Flame Charge
  • Togekiss: Fast Move: Charm | Charge Move: Ancient Power/Flamethrower
  • Abomasnow: Fast Move: Powder Snow | Charge Move: Weather Ball/Energy Ball
  • Registeel: Fast Move: Lock On | Charge Move: Flash Cannon/Focus Blast
  • Walrein: Fast Move: Powder Snow | Charge Move: Icicle Spear/Earthquake
  • Giratina (Altered Form): Fast Move: Shadow Claw | Charge Move: Dragon Claw/Shadow Sneak
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While team comps will depend on a Trainer’s discretion, here are a few team combinations that could provide high performance:

  • Altered Giratina: Swampert – Walrein
  • Walrein: Talonflame – Cresselia
  • Trevenant: Registeel – Walrein

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