May 18, 2022
Pokémon GO: Feraligatr Raid Guide (Best Counters & Weaknesses)
As a single elemental-type Raid Boss in Pokémon GO, Feraligatr is relatively easy to counter as long as Trainers bring Pokémon strong against Water.

Feraligatr is a Water-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO, serving as a 3-star Raid Boss during the yearly aquatic-oriented event, the Water Festival. As the third and final evolution form of the Totodile family, Feraligatr will typically use Water-type Moves in battle. Yet, the bipedal gator also has Ice-type attacks like Ice Fang or the Normal-Type Bite.

As a Water-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO, Feraligatr is highly resistant to Steel-, Fire-, Ice-, and Water-type Moves. However, its innate elemental attribute makes this gator Pokémon significantly vulnerable to Grass- and Electric-type attacks. With these weaknesses in mind, Trainers should prepare their Raid accordingly, taking advantage of their best available counters and defeating Feraligatr in battle. Keep in mind that this Pokémon is considered one of the strongest Water-type since the creature is tanky and can deal substantial damage. Therefore, players are advised to bring Legendary, Shadow, or Mega party members for optimal results. Having a teammate join in the Raid Battle could also help if the Trainer runs into combative trouble.

Starting with the ultimate counters in Pokémon GO for the Feraligatr Raid Battle, it is recommended Trainers use Shadow Raikou, Mega Manectric, Shadow Electivire, Shadow Magnezone, Shadow Zapdos, Mega Venusaur, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Koko, or Zekrom. These choices will undoubtedly deal the most effective damage to Feraligatr. On the other hand, Trainers can use multiple standard Pokémon if they do not have any of the powerful roster options above.

How To Defeat Feraligatr In A Pokémon GO Raid

Here are the best budget and basic counters that Trainers can have in their Raid party to take down Feraligatr as a Raid Boss in Pokémon GO:

  • Electivire: Fast Move: Thunder Shock | Charge Move: Wild Charge
  • Magnezone: Fast Move: Spark | Charge Move: Wild Charge
  • Roserade: Fast Move: Razor Leaf | Charge Move: Grass Knot
  • Luxray: Fast Move: Spark | Charge Move: Wild Charge
  • Sceptile: Fast Move: Bullet Seed | Charge Move: Frenzy Plant
  • Venusaur: Fast Move: Vine Whip | Charge Move: Frenzy Plant
  • Breloom: Fast Move: Bullet Seed | Charge Move: Grass Knot
  • Tangrowth: Fast Move: Vine Whip | Charge Move: Power Whip
  • Torterra: Fast Move: Razor Leaf | Charge Move: Frenzy Plant
  • Leafeon: Fast Move: Razor Leaf | Charge Move: Leaf Blade
  • Alola Golem: Fast Move: Volt Switch | Charge Move: Wild Charge
  • Jolteon: Fast Move: Thunder Shock | Charge Move: Thunderbolt
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Here are several more optimal Pokémon that can be used to defeat Feraligatr in a Pokémon GO Raid Battle: Alola Exeggutor, Manectric, Elektross, Chesnaught, Exeggutor, Simisage, and Victreebel.

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