May 18, 2022
PSY Busts Out All His Dance Moves and Attitude in Hyped ‘Ganji’ Video WithJessi
Psy dropped the dance-heavy video for his 'Psy 9th' album track 'Ganji' featuring Jessi.

There are two things you can count on from every PSY video: the K-pop superstar rocking designer shades and a busting out some killer dance moves. Both elements are in full force in the video for “Ganji,” the attitude-heavy song that appears on the singer’s new album, Psy 9th.


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See latest videos, charts and news

As with several other visuals that have been released so far, this one is shot in portrait mode and it opens with Psy — dressed in a silver baseball jacket, white pants and white sneakers — surrounded by a large dance crew dressed in a similar red and white color scheme. They back up the 44-year-old South Korean star’s high-energy moves as he raps, “Ganji, take it/ I got gratitude and attitude/ Ganji, take it/ I got gratitude and attitude” in the video that dropped on Wednesday (May 11).


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After shaking, shimmying and stomping across several hotel room-like sets, rapper Jessi busts onto the scene in a business sexy suit and knee-high boots to lay down her own attitude-heavy bars. “PSY oppa told me to get your Korean right/ I just say K, and I do whatever, yeah/ I ain’t gotta try It’s just my ganji, I was born with it/ Ain’t married, but look at my ring/ I sparkle a lot more than most ya/ Only queen breezies with mimosas at the Mondrian.”

By the end, the pair size each other up, then raise their hands in the air for one last set of shoulder shrugging moves.

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The new clip is similar in theme and vibe to another video PSY released recently for the song “Now,” his collaboration with Hwa Sa. The duo’s cover of the uptempo Jermaine Jackson/ Pia Zadora jam originally titled “When the Rain Begins to Fall” is also filled with killer choreo and colorful outfits.

Check out the “Ganji” video below.

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