May 16, 2022
Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley’s friendship on RHOBH had its ups and downs. They confide in one another during pivotal events in their lives.

Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley have a long-standing friendship on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, enduring many ups and downs. The housewives developed a sisterly relationship and confided in one another during pivotal events in their lives. Like all friendships, Kyle and Dorit had their share of fights but came out stronger. In the RHOBH season 12 premiere, Dorit copes with the aftermath of her robbery and is supported by Kyle in a much deeper way than before.

Dorit joined RHOBH season 7 and was introduced to the group through Lisa Vanderpump. Since Kyle was best friends with Lisa at the time, Dorit was welcomed into their trio, and they all became close. Unfortunately, jealousy occurred between the three ladies when certain duos were tighter with one another, leaving one person to feel left out. When the “Puppygate” scandal took place on RHOBH season 9, Lisa’s accusations about Dorit drove her and Kyle away from their friend.

Lisa’s departure from RHOBH at the end of the season allowed Kyle and Dorit to grow their bond. Their husbands, Mauricio and PK, have a bromance, and the foursome has even been on couples vacations together to places like Mexico. This season, Kyle connected to Dorit on a more personal level after her home invasion as she dealt with her own robbery in 2018. The ladies are currently in a good place, but it took a while for their friendship to reach a high point. Let’s look at Kyle and Dorit’s friendship timeline over the years.

Dorit Supports Kyle More Than Kim & Kathy

On RHOBH season 8, episode 5, Kyle told Dorit that she wrote two new scripted shows, which were bought by a production company. Even though Kyle was happy about the news, she became emotional knowing that her sisters Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards weren’t supportive of her American Woman series. It also made Kyle upset that her parents weren’t alive to celebrate her success. Dorit was excited for Kyle and embraced her with a hug. “I am gonna cheer you on like your own mother would,” Dorit assured her friend, shedding a few tears herself.

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Kyle Defends Dorit During Puppygate Drama

Kyle was caught in the middle between Lisa and Dorit in RHOBH season 9’s “Puppygate” drama. After hearing both sides of the situation, Kyle went to Lisa’s house for one last chance at saving their friendship. Kyle was convinced that Lisa sold a story about Dorit to RadarOnline and was denying the truth. She was willing to risk ending her friendship with Lisa to defend her friend. Kyle stood up for what was right instead of caving into Lisa’s dishonesty. In a heated argument between the two RHOBH housewives, Lisa’s husband Ken Todd kicked Kyle out of Villa Rosa with the iconic line, “Goodbye Kyle!”

Dorit Throws Shade At Kyle’s Fashion Line

Dorit and Kyle hit a major bump in their friendship when they stopped speaking in 2020. The friends feuded over a comment Dorit made about Kyle’s fashion line, Kyle X ShahidaIn the RHOBH season 10 premiere at New York Fashion Week, Dorit insinuated that Kyle could “throw her name” on any item of clothing, and it would be a success. Being a well-known actress in the industry might make it easier for Kyle to pursue new opportunities. When the episode aired, Kyle responded to Dorit’s shady remark on Twitter. “I didn’t just “put my name” on the clothing line like Dorit suggested. I worked closely with Shahida on the looks WE wanted.” 

Kyle Shows Sympathy For Dorit After Her Robbery

In the RHOBH season 12 premiere, Kyle showed sympathy for Dorit after she was robbed at gunpoint. She hosted a get-together at her house with the ladies the day after the incident to comfort Dorit. Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna showed up to rally around their friend in this difficult time. Kyle related to what Dorit was going through because her home was burglarized years prior. She cried at the thought of Dorit and her young children, Jagger and Phoenix, being hurt by the intruders. Kyle’s concern represents a true testament to her solid friendship with Dorit.

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