May 16, 2022
Salt and Sacrifice leaves it up to players to figure out where they should level up, so it's important to know how after they get enough Salt.

In Salt and Sacrifice, leveling up is one of the unnecessary challenges that players may face because the game doesn’t offer a tutorial for one of its key mechanics. It’s important to know how to level up in Salt and Sacrifice because it’s one of the primary ways that players will be able to improve their characters. Salt and Sacfrice is a Soulslike game that has a level-up system to which many fans of the genre should be accustomed, but it’s a bit different than leveling up quickly in games like Elden Ring.

Before players can level up in Salt and Sacrifice, they’ll need to collect a material called Salt. Salt, in essence, is the equivalent of experience points in the game, acting similarly to Runes in Elden Ring. Players can earn more Salt by defeating all types of enemies, and the amount that they earn increases with the more challenging opponents. The Salt counter is located in the lower lefthand portion of the screen, and the bar located below the Salt indicates how close players are to leveling up. Once the bar is filled, players then have the ability to level up their character in Salt and Sacrifice.

Similar to other Souslike games in the genre, players can only hold onto their Salt count, before it’s used, for as long as they’re alive. In a similar fashion to what happens upon death with Runes in Elden Ring before players level up, those who die in Salt and Sacrifice will immediately drop their Salt count to zero. Players can return to the scene of their death to find the pile and claim their Salt once more, but if they die again before reaching the pile they’ll permanently lose everything on the ground.

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Where To Level Up In Salt and Sacrifice

Once players have gathered enough Salt to level up, they’ll need to head back to Pardoner’s Vale by using any of the obelisks in the area and selecting the “return to camp” option. Next, players must travel to the Trifaul Idol to bring up a menu with the option to level up. The statue can be found by heading left from Champion Hera, then up the stairs to the vendor, then up the next flight of stairs to their right.

Similar to leveling up faster in Elden Ring, players can simply defeat the beginning enemies multiple times over to gather enough Salt. Once players choose to rest at an obelisk, enemies in the area that aren’t major bosses will respawn. Other ways of leveling up fast include going on Mage hunts, which yield significantly larger amounts of Salt when defeated in Salt and Sacrifice.

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