May 15, 2022
Amid fan speculation that Siesta Key filming is moving to Miami, the show's main star, Juliette Porter, confirms she's moving to the Florida city.

Juliette Porter from Siesta Key has confirmed in a fan Cameo video that she’ll be moving to Miami in a few months. The star has been a part of the MTV reality series since it premiered in 2017. The show once followed main star Alex Kompothecras and his life and friends until he was removed from the series in June 2020 after a series of racist social media posts resurfaced. Since then, Siesta Key has shifted its focus to Juliette’s life as she balances romance with building her swimsuit company JMP The Label. As the show’s stars get older and figure out their life paths, fans have been suspecting they may be outgrowing the quaint Florida neighborhood.

During a podcast interview, the Siesta Key star admitted that while she doesn’t want to live in Los Angeles, she would be open to moving out of her hometown and suggested that she had Miami in mind. Shortly after, many of her co-stars seemed to be residing in the city, and Brandon Gomes even tweeted that he was moving there. Kelsey Owens also has made it evident on the show that she’s tired of Siesta Key and wants to get out. The star was a model in her teens and early 20s and missed the fast-paced lifestyle that modeling offered. Miami seems like a more ideal city for a former model to live.

Fans are now aware that Juliette has joined her friends in Miami, which may mean the show has a new location. Juliette made a Mother’s Day Cameo video for a fan, where she reveals that while she loves her hometown and will miss it very much, she’ll be moving to Miami in a few months. “I’m actually moving to Miami in like a couple weeks,” the star admitted. She went on to praise her beachside hometown, where she’s lived her whole life, before briefly talking about her swimsuit line.

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While neither the cast nor the show runners have addressed the future of the show, fans believe the move could mean Siesta Key will be moving to Miami. With the show’s focus on Juliette and her company, it’s possible the next season will be more career-focused. Fans have recently complained that they don’t love all the Siesta Key characters and would love to see them go and have new cast members added. The idea is similar to MTV’s 2004 series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and its spinoff series The Hills.

It looks like Juliette is ready for a fresh start, which could mean a lot for Siesta Key. It still hasn’t been confirmed whether there will be a fifth season of the show, but with all the cast members moving to Miami, it seems likely something is coming. Siesta Key fans are surely putting together their theories about what’s to come; however, they should wait for MTV to comment before jumping to conclusions. Unfortunately, Juliette’s fan video is all the information they have until further notice.

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