May 16, 2022

Space & Aeronautics Subcommittee Hearing – Space Situational Awareness: Guiding the Transition to a Civil Capability (with witness statements)

  • Chairwoman Johnson Opening Statement

“As the amount of space debris and number of satellites orbiting the Earth have exponentially increased in recent years, SSA is critically important to maintaining space safety and ensuring that we continue to reap benefits on Earth from monitoring, operating, and living in space.”

  • Babin Opening Statement

“The debris created by a recent Russian anti-satellite test highlights why SSA remains an important issue. As I said at our Subcommittee’s hearing in 2020, near-misses in space attract media attention and calls for draconian regulations, but overreacting could be just as detrimental to our nation’s space enterprise. There are, however, some important issues I think we can all still agree on.”

  • Chairman Beyer Opening Statement

“Mega constellations of thousands of satellites are creating orbital congestion, and orbital debris from past missions–and reckless anti-satellite tests–are compounding the risks of operating in space. The sustainability of the space environment is in peril if we don’t act.”

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