May 16, 2022
Whether it's for in depth analysis of games, or just for fun, users on Reddit said that these 10 sports podcasts were the absolute best of the best.

While hit shows like ESPN’s 30 for 30 satisfy viewers on television, some avid sports fanatics turn to other forms of media to get their kicks. The podcast has quickly become one of the most popular mediums for sports talk and analysis, and has even become a great source of entertainment as well.

With an abundance of podcasts to choose from, sports fans never have to miss a second of the action from literally every corner of the competitive athletic world. Though a plethora of great sports podcasts exist, users on Reddit took to the site to mention the ones that they couldn’t live without.

Baseball By The Book

Sports is filled with a million nooks and crannies, and many sports fans enjoy exploring the more obscure aspects of their favorite games. A deleted user brought up one of their favorite sports podcasts when they wrote “Baseball by the Book — more about history of the game but I really enjoy it”.

Hosted by sports journalist Justin McGuire, the bulk of the podcast’s episodes include interviews with authors who have recently written books about baseball. This historical focus allows the interviews to dive deep into specific topics, such as rule changes, that might not necessarily warrant in depth analysis on other podcasts and sports talk shows.

Dale Jr. Download

While there are a wealth of podcasts about popular sports like football and baseball, the world of motorsports is less represented. User TheLeBrontoRaptorss went out of their way to mention a NASCAR podcast when writing “Dale Jr. Download is really good to listen to stories from the legends/history of NASCAR”.

With former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the helm, the epic podcast explores the obscure sport’s rich history. Showing all aspects of NASCAR’s complicated legacy, the podcast is surprisingly emotional for a sports show. Racing has produced classic video games and exciting movies, so it was only natural that it would also produce an entertaining podcast that is accessible for any level of fan.

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Around The NFL

American Football is a sports phenomena, and it has conquered every form of media including the niche world of podcasting. User AlabasterRadio was direct with their favorite sports podcast, commenting “The only one I’ve listened to is Around the NFL“.

Comprehensive in its scope, Around the NFL is a non-biased look at the entire league from a more professionally journalistic perspective. More news than talk, the podcast is pointed with its focus and usually produces shorter episodes than the usual shows. This succinct nature makes it easily consumable for every kind of listener, and gets the most information across in the fastest way possible.

Sports Wars

The beauty of podcasts is that they are always around for listeners to enjoy, even if new episodes are no longer being produced. User domzepkins gushed about a great podcast when saying “Sports Wars by Wondery is probably my favorite story-based podcast of all time…Very well done and based on autobiographies, interviews, and highlights”.

Rivalries are a big part of sports history, and with shows like HBO’s Winning Time highlighting one of the biggest ever, the topic has proven to be fruitful in all forms of media. Sports Wars‘ hyper-focus on specific rivalries goes deep into the backstories of legendary feuds, and re-contextualizes them from a historical perspective.

Edge Of Sports

While it may seem as if sports exist in a world of their own, the truth is that they actually can represent society as a whole. User leroywhat succinctly summed up their favorite show when they wrote “Edge of Sports. Intersection of sports and politics”.

Many fans view sports as an escape from the real world, but shows like Edge of Sports shows that the real world constantly invades the fantasy realm of sports competition. Focusing on specifically political moments in sports history, the series gives listeners a new way of thinking about their favorite teams and stars.

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Spittin’ Chiclets

The best hockey movies often show the sport as a wild and raucous thrill ride, and in a lot of ways it is an accurate summary. User cralo4 turned to the world of hockey for a show they enjoy, saying “Spittin’ Chiclets if you’re into hockey”.

Even if the listener isn’t a hockey fanatic, host Paul Bissonnette is entertaining enough to keep anyone tuned in. Covering the hockey world from a former player’s perspective, the show highlights the fun side of the gritty ice battles. Hockey has a huge fanbase in parts of the world, but shows like Spittin’ Chiclets are helping to spur interest elsewhere as well.

30 For 30

Podcasts can often be a grassroots operation, but they can also accompany larger products as well. User RazmanR talked about a companion piece podcast when they wrote “The ESPN 30 for 30 podcasts are quite good…The one about the first women to participate in marathons was great”.

The television series 30 for 30 has produced many great episodes, and the podcast is in much of the same style as the show. Narrowing each episode’s focus down to a specific topic from the world of sports, the podcast is as slickly produced as its onscreen counterpart. Illuminating is the operative word, and a lot of the topics are new to many sports fans.

The Woj Pod

Basketball, like most sports, is as much about the personalities as it is about the game that is actually played on the court. User NewSterlingCrimson went with a more personality based show, saying “The Woj Pod…for interviews about current events in the NBA. However, they also interview NBA players and coaches about their career experiences”.

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The NBA is one of the youngest of the major North American sports, but it has still managed to accrue a rich history. With its backing from ESPN, The Woj Pod is able to land much larger guests who’s experiences are a fascinating opportunity for listeners to learn about the game they love.

GIANT – Football Stories That Matter

Not to be confused with American Football, the international version of football is one of the most important sports around the globe. User ApplesBridges chose a football related podcast as their pick, writing “I’d recommend GIANT, it’s a football podcast with a kind of storytelling style. It’s full of interviews and soundbites from people who were there”.

Football is an ancient sport, and therefore its history is packed with a plethora of fascinating stories. Whether for good or bad, the podcast tells all, and even highlights important rivalries within the game’s rich history. Accessibility is very important in the sports world, and GIANT makes itself accessible to any type of sports fan.

Pardon My Take

Sports talk shows have a somewhat sordid reputation, but occasionally the shows succeed based on the host’s personalties alone. User Vic_Sinclair mentioned an extremely popular podcast when they commented “Pardon My Take…It covers games happening that week. They cover all sports but you can tell that (American) football is their forte. Also, it’s a comedy podcast and many of the jokes are ‘R’ rated”.

When it comes to comprehensive sports podcasts, few have the same reputation as Pardon My Take. Informative, but also with an edge of playfulness, the show is comparable to a bunch of friends sitting around discussing the week’s sporting news. One of the best aspects of the show is that the guests are usually in on the jokes, and it has an overall jovial and carefree atmosphere.

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