May 21, 2022
The Best Horror Movies To Watch On Amazon Prime
Looking for something spooky, scary, or just plain creepy to watch this week? Amazon Prime's streaming horror movie selection has you covered.

Amazon Prime offers some great horror movie choices to fill a fright flick marathon, and these are the best of the best. While horror has long been regarded as a lesser genre by those inclined to snobbery, audiences at large seem to be finally waking up to horror’s merits — as more and more horror (or horror adjacent) movies and TV shows earn rave reviews and/or huge profits at the box office. Almost every studio and streaming service has gotten into the horror content game, from crossover hits like Stranger Things, to cult items like Into the Dark.

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Every streaming service offers its own selection, and Amazon Prime is no different. The service features many terrific terror tales, both old and new. From iconic classics to indie gems, the best horror movies on Amazon Prime match up well with the many competing services out there.

Presented below is a selection of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime, representing a range of decades and sub-genres. The Amazon Prime horror movies listed below are put in alphabetical order and are not ranked. They’re all great films, and it’s difficult to go wrong with any of them.

A Quiet Place Part II

It’s not necessary to see A Quiet Place to enjoy A Quiet Place Part II. The second movie gives enough recap to those who aren’t familiar with the franchise. The movie follows the same family as they try to navigate a post-apocalyptic world, riddled with creatures that kill and hunt by sound. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt return for their roles as Lee and Evelyn Abbott. In addition, the sequel offers more backstory than the first film, showing the very start of the Earth’s alien problem and population losses. This horror movie, offered on Amazon Prime, has plenty of jump scares and boasts a thriller-like quality as the stakes are raised in every scene.

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Bubba Ho-Tep

Bruce Campbell stars in this cult classic horror-comedy Bubba Ho-Tep. The movie follows Bruce Campbell as Elvis Presley and Ossie Davis as John F. Kennedy as they try to fight off a mummy who is terrorizing their nursing home. Yes, both men died notoriously young. However, history was rewritten for this hilarious romp. For those unfamiliar with the comedy/horror genre, Bubba Ho-Tep is an oddball, engaging place to start.


Carrie is a classic fright-fest based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. Both the remake and the original horror movies are available to watch on Amazon Prime, and the Sissy Spacek version is definitely a sight to behold. The actress puts her best foot forward as the painfully awkward high school student Carrie White who finds that she has telekinetic powers. Piper Laurie’s performance as her overzealously religious and abusive mother is one for the ages, and it’s hard not to sympathize with the protagonist/villain in the end. Those that haven’t seen the iconic film are in for a treat, as the troubled teen eventually takes on her whole school in a fit of vengeance.

The Exorcist 3

The Exorcist has received several awful follow-ups, but one that stands out as worthwhile is 1990’s The Exorcist 3, which has developed a large cult following over the years and is now haunting Amazon Prime. George C. Scott takes over the role of Lt. Kinderman, who is investing a demonically possessed serial killer called Gemini. Jason Miller, Father Karras in the original, also makes a welcome return. Viewers should be warned that The Exorcist 3 contains arguably the most effective jump scare in history.


By this point, any dedicated horror fan has surely had their soul torn apart multiple times by Hellraiser‘s Pinhead (Doug Bradley). Director Clive Barker, adapting his own novella, crafted one of the most enduring tales of terror to come out of the 1980s. The movie spawned one of the longest-running horror franchises out there. Hellraiser is a certified classic of the genre, one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime, and needs to be watched by anyone who enjoys a good fright flick.

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Many still argue which version is better, but 1978’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers definitely gives its predecessor a run for its money. The Amazon Prime-based horror movie follows Donald Sutherland’s Matthew Bennell and Brooke Adam’s Elizabeth Driscoll as they find out mysterious beings are taking over their whole town. Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a slow-burn horror that takes a turn for the worse around the middle of the second act and brings people on a wild ride — as none of the townspeople really know who is a friend and who is a foe. It gifts an air of unease and tension to a superb movie.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Directed by late genre master George A. Romero, Night of the Living Dead created and established the zombie sub-genre as fans know it today. Before Romero’s film, zombies weren’t the recently risen dead, they didn’t live to consume human flesh, and they didn’t only die by destroying the brain. To put Night Of The Living Dead‘s influence in perspective, nearly every piece of zombie fiction has borrowed heavily from it, including AMC juggernaut The Walking Dead. The film is also famous for having a black lead (Duane Jones) in an era where that was almost unheard of. Any zombie fan needs to see this movie, one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime.


Mike Flanagan staked his claim as a master of horror after his latest television shows and Oculus, a stunning screamer now available on Amazon Prime. The twisting tale takes place in two separate timelines, as brother Tim (Brenton Thwaites) and sister Kaylie (Karen Gillan) attempt to understand a mirror that connects with both the past and the present. It’s one of Karen Gillan’s breakout roles, and people can expect to find Flanagan’s distinctive sense of style. With jump-scares and layers to boot, Oculus is surely one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime.

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The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense is the film that put M. Night Shyamalan and his infamous twist endings on the map. Bruce Willis plays child psychologist Malcolm Crowe, as he attempts to understand why his patient, Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment), claims that he can see dead people. The ending is far too good to give away for those who haven’t seen The Sixth Sense. And while the process might seem tedious at times, people are only let in on just enough information to keep the storyline moving. The payoff alone is why The Sixth Sense is one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime right now.

Train to Busan

Zombies have invaded rural neighborhoods, cities, underground facilities, and apocalyptic landscapes, but in Train to Busan, the setting is far more contained. When Seok-Woo (Gong Yoo) travels with his estranged daughter to Busan, they discover that they are amidst a zombie outbreak. The movie marries survival horror with a creative spin, in which the passengers on the train desperately attempt to find their way to safety, without leading the zombie horde with them. With a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Train to Busan has been heralded by many as one of the best zombie movies ever. Therefore, it’s definitely one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime.

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