May 18, 2022
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Side by side with Godzilla and Kong in Call of Duty: Warzone for a limited time campaign monarchy and event mode. Operation Monarch is a true celebration of

Side by side with Godzilla and Kong in Call of Duty: Warzone for a limited time campaign monarchy and event mode. Operation Monarch is a true celebration of the Monsterverse and Godzilla vs. Kong in Call of Duty. Avoid Godzilla’s Heat Ray and Kong’s smashes while trying to be the last team standing.

The Monarch campaign streamed on PlayStation from May 11 to May 25. Will you survive the onslaught or fend off their Titan rampage?

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  • Specify Monarch: Godzilla
  • Scientific classification: Titanus Gojira
  • Height: 393 Feet
  • Known attacks: Heat Ray Breath, Tail Claw, Back Slice
  • Tail Length: 582 Sets
  • Upper tail stroke speed: 89 MPH
  • Underwater flight speed: 40-50 buttons
  • The volume of the roar: Up to 174 dB
  • Blood volume: 530,000 Gallons
  • Bone tensile strength: 3,000 MPa (Megapascal)
  • Heat ray capacity: 315 trillion Joules

The King of Monsters has risen from the darkest depths of the ocean to unleash devastating breaths and thunderous roars on unsuspecting shores. His Heat Ray Breath appears as several red circles on your minimap after it lightens Godzilla’s scales with an icy blue light. It’s best to avoid his bullets; the last in its path of destruction had only seconds to dodge.


  • Specify Monarch: Kong
  • Scientific classification: Titanus Kong
  • Height: 337 Sets
  • Known attacks: Quake Slam, Fin Breaker, Ax slash in the air
  • Punch Strength: Approximately 4.2 ML (Richter Scale Magnitude)
  • Bone tensile strength: 2,800 MPa (Megapascal)
  • The volume of the roar: Up to 170 dB
  • Top arm swing speed: 62 MPH
  • Top side running speed: 78 MPH
  • Top quadruple running speed: 104 MPH
  • Favorite diet: Foliage, Bamboo, Mire Squid

Although his main domain is Skull Island, Kong is here on Caldera. He employs an epic fighting style, using his quick feet, aerial mobility, and sheer strength to confuse and disorient his opponents. He will jump and jump around the island. Figuring out where he’ll land next requires further fieldwork from the Moderator. Keep distance.

Intel Active Monarchy

We recommend that all Operators prepare with a full Quad; Operation Monarch supports 60 players using Resurgence rules. The goal is simple: Be the last team standing.

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On the ground, players will find Monarch Intel through Supply Boxes, special drops, and fallen enemies. Use this device to charge a special meter that unlocks items like Killstreaks and Loadout Drops, plus a unique and powerful Titan Killstreak bonus when filling it up completely.

While gathering information and eliminating enemies, the Operator will need to watch out for Kong and Godzilla. Inflict damage to either Titan will reward Monarch Intel.

Crazy Titan

At the start of Operation Monarch combat, and at other times throughout, Kong and Godzilla can become enraged and attack. This is known as a Titan Frenzy. After receiving a warning about Titan’s Rage, the Operator has two options: retreat tactically or attempt to suppress them by dealing direct damage.

The team that deals the most damage to Kong or Godzilla during the Titan Rage will receive Monarch’s special SCREAM Equipment. The runner-up will still earn Monarch Intel to count towards their special smartwatch, whose ultimate reward is a SCREAM Device.

SCREAM device

The Titan SCREAM (Titanium Audio Communication Radar and Echolocation Array Module) is a prototype device developed by Monarch that allows humans to communicate with ancient creatures.

During Operation Monarch, the SCREAM Device is a Killstreak that grants the user one of two powers: Godzilla’s Heat Ray Breath or Kong’s ground slam and a stone throw.

Once the attack type is selected, the Operator can direct it to any location on the Caldera. To avoid a barrage of attacks and to protect the sensory nerves of our Guardian Titans, it was not possible to use multiple SCREAM Devices in quick succession.

Like any other Killstreak, timing and location are the two main factors affecting its effectiveness.

Bringing Titans to Call of Duty

The creators behind Call of Duty are huge fans of these iconic monsters. To mark the milestone, the developers discuss the excitement and responsibility that come with bringing Godzilla and Kong into the game (plus some fun anecdotes from the process). Learn more from JJ Williams, VP of Creative at Raven, and Jason Babler, VP of Live Operations at Sledgehammer Games:

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Describe the team’s feelings while working with these legendary Titans, from when they first heard about it to when they first saw it in the game.

Williams: I think excitement is an understatement. When we heard that we would be teaming up with Legendary Entertainment and about Titans in Warzone, our minds went wild. We knew we had the opportunity to really swing over the fence and create an experience like never before.

Bumpy: All in all, these packs are some of the most fun and challenging we’ve put together to date! Thankfully, Legendary gave us a huge sandbox for internal design, allowing us to idealize Godzilla and Kong based designs in a whole new way. We took these beloved Titans, combined them with our COD aesthetic and designed a truly unique Operator interface never seen before.

What are some of the technical challenges involved in bringing Titans into the game?

Williams: There is a lot of challenge to get two giant Titans in the play space. I’ll save all the technical details but keeping Kong and Godzilla working in Warzone tech and playing nice with all the rules of the game is quite a challenge. It hasn’t been easy but nothing good ever is.

Can you share any hilarious moments from the development that will stick with you?

Williams: Some of the funniest moments involved unexpected bloopers that we encountered early in development. Sometimes Kong will jump into the air and never come back to continue jumping forever into space. Godzilla sometimes just swims across the island like a shark on land. All the funny stuff.

From a creative standpoint, what were some of the challenges in adapting the aesthetics of these iconic monsters to Operator skins?

Bumpy: These interfaces proved quite challenging, given the nature of the design challenge: How do you control these skyscraper-sized monsters and make them still feel as powerful as the Operators? human-sized? We wanted to avoid just shrinking the Titans to a “human in rubber” version, especially given the way the original Godzilla movies were made, or a plush ape suit. Our team went through a very long creative exploration, leaving us back to the drawing board over and over again. However, we did find interesting character archetypes that seemed to fit each Titan, and the animation was able to fill those characters with incredible move sets. Kong needed to be a brute-force soldier, so we took our biggest male rig, and then extended the shoulder armor to more closely resemble Kong. For Godzilla, we wanted a layered look to mimic the scales and sell a spine that can glow. The Ghillie suit not only serves to illuminate, but also hints at Godzilla’s scales, especially on his back. And we took inspiration from the metal and technology of Mechagodzilla and kept coming back to the cyberpunk samurai theme.

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The guns are a bit easier to visualize, and the weaponry and VFX team make our Ultra Godzilla gun feel both fun and devastating at the same time. I remember the day when it all came together and we had to revisit Godzilla’s gun test: the sound effects from the movie, the VFX creating the amazing Godzilla breath effect… we all laughed again grinning like children for hours while watching videos around the set.

Monarchy Pack works for a limited time

Three Monsterverse Bundles inspired by Godzilla vs. Kong will be available during Operation Monarch. These include Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time Pack, Kong Limited Time Pack and Mechagodzilla Limited Time Pack. Check out some details on the following:

Tracing Package: Mechagodzilla Limited Time Package

For the latest and greatest in Apex technology, look no further than the Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla Limited Time Bundle.

This pack features two ranged weapons built against the Titans. Both feature fast-firing attachments, with the Cyber ​​Demolition Assault Rifle able to penetrate Kong and Godzilla’s dense defenses at mid-range. Neural Uplink SMG favors the action at a little closer range, for those who are fearless in the face of enemy detachments and 300-foot-tall beasts alike.

Operation Monarch begins on May 11

The Titans are approaching. Prepare and deploy Operation Monarch in Warzone from May 11 to May 25. See you soon.

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