May 16, 2022
One can use the Enneagram types to carefully analyze the various characters who appear in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

As with so many of the other movies in the MCU, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness is very driven by the complicated psychologies of its two main characters, Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff. However, while they certainly occupy the lion’s share of the story and its energies, the movie also gives the viewer many new and old characters, all of whom show remarkably complex personalities, even if they only appear for a few moments. Thus, it’s worth taking a closer look at them through the lens provided by the Enneagram Institute.

10 Doctor Strange – The Reformer

Doctor Strange is clearly cut in the mold of a Reformer. He has a firm set of principles to which he adheres, and he is driven to make sure that they are implemented in the world around him. Once it becomes clear that Wanda is going to stop at nothing in her attempt to inhabit a universe in which her children are alive and well, he sets out to stop her.

Even when presented with a chance to sacrifice one life for the greater good, he realizes what a betrayal such an action would be.

9 Wanda Maximoff – The Individualist

Wanda Maximoff is, of course, one of the most powerful characters to have ever appeared in the MCU. However, she is also one of its most tragic and, like many others who are part of the Individualist type, she has a difficult time seeing outside of her own frame of reference. She is dramatic and self-absorbed, and she refuses to see what others try to tell her. At the same time, she does ultimately have a moment where she has to take a harder look at herself, proving that the Individualist can, when the need arises, become self-critical.

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8 Wong – The Achiever

From the moment he appeared, Wong showed that he had what it took to become one of the best supporting characters in the MCU. As an Achiever, he is a very pragmatic person, which is why he is almost always able to deal with a crisis whenever it arrives. This also makes him a good counterpart to Strange. Furthermore, as he shows in this movie, he is a very driven personality, which is essentially what allows him to survive when so many others would no doubt have perished under Wanda’s relentless onslaught.

7 Karl Mordo – The Loyalist

As one of the members of the Illuminati, Karl Mordo has been tasked with making sure that their world stays safe. Given this, it’s no surprise that he also shows many of the traits associated with the Loyalist. He is, like the other members of the group, deeply suspicious of Strange and his potential motivations.

At the same time, he is also very responsible, and he takes his role as one of the protectors of Earth very seriously, to such an extent that he is even willing to betray Strange.

6 America Chavez – The Helper

Amanda Chavez is surely one of the most powerful characters of Phase 4 of the MCU. However, despite her power, she is also quite self-effacing at times, and she often shows an unwillingness to challenge others. In that sense, she is very clearly the personality type known as the Helper. America is very invested in making sure her gift is used for good. She is, at bottom, a people pleaser, which is why she becomes such a valuable ally to Strange as he attempts to stop Wanda.

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5 Charles Xavier – The Peacemaker

Throughout his many appearances, Charles Xavier has become one of the best of the X-Men. In this iteration, he shows himself to be a very kind and receptive kind of person, someone who works to reassure others, including Strange himself. In all of these ways, he exhibits the traits associated with the Peacemaker. In fact, so strong is his impulse in this regard that he is even willing to try to help Wanda herself, despite her destructive impulses, an ultimately brave but fitle act.

4 Christine Palmer – The Investigator

Though she has hovered in the background before now, Christine Palmer has at last begun to come into her own as a character in her own right. With her perceptiveness and her innovativeness–particularly when it comes to how the Multiverse functions–she proves especially helpful to Doctor Strange and America as they work against Wanda.

Whatever her personal feelings about Strange, and how complicated they might be, she is nevertheless wise enough to realize that it is sometimes necessary to put those aside.

3 Captain Carter – The Challenger

Agent Carter is one of the most beloved characters in the MCU, so it is particularly pleasurable to see her return in the guise of Captain Carter here. It’s easy to see how she would fit into the personality type of the Challenger. She immediately shows that she is self-confident and decisive. Like several of the other members of the Illuminati, she leaps into battle against Wanda, even when she doesn’t truly know how much power she might be dealing with.

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2 Mister Fantastic – The Loyalist

When Strange goes to an alternative universe, he has to contend with several characters who have also had to deal with the other Strange’s egotism. Given his important role in this world, it makes sense that he would fit into the personality type associated with the Loyalist. Above all else, he is a responsible person, someone who realizes that the welfare of Earth is more valuable and important than whatever might happen to Strange (about whom he clearly cares).

1 Captain Marvel – The Enthusiast

Of all of the Illuminati, Captain Marvel is arguably the one with the most native ability to confront and try to defeat Wanda. An Enthusiast through and through, she is the type of spontaneous person who will leap into battle, even if she doesn’t always recognize just how much of a threat Wanda might prove to be. Because of her dynamism, and her ability to think on her feet, she comes closer than the rest of them to actually defeating Wanda.

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